I love a lot of natural companies out there, but Naturopathica really brings it all together for me – a holistic approach to skin care, artisanal sourcing of ingredients, incredible natural scents, and visible as well as therapeutic benefits.

I added a few natural beauty products to my regime recently and Naturopathica’s Sweet Cherry Brightening Enyzme Peel was one of them. Let me just say that ever since I tried a peel, I’ve been in love.  Reason number one being that it’s so much easier to get off than a mask.  And number two being that a good peel, like this one, just seems to make your skin effortlessly refined and glowing almost immediately.  Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to cleaning pores, I swear by masks that are usually green, hard, and positively enraging at times to remove (example: Aztec Indian Healing Clay). But masks like that really feel like work. Not this one.

This peel by Naturopathica smells and looks like they just mashed up the cherries yesterday – it’s simply amazing (if you like cherries, you’ll really be in heaven). There are sweet benefits to go with that sweet scent – cherries’ are high in Vitamin C and Beta Carotene and when applied topically they refine skin, decrease inflammation, as well as prevent skin discoloration.  After just 3-5 minutes (1-2 times/week), you can remove the fruity blend to reveal a fresher faced version of yourself. That’s only 10 minutes tops per week!

Originally being from Long Island, I love that this company is based in East Hampton. It’s always nice to see a great company come out of your neck of the woods.  I also love the packaging – blue glass is my fav, not only because it’s so pretty, but also because it’s excellent for maintaining the integrity of products containing essential oils.

Now there’s only two things I want to do after trying this mask: (1) Try every single product made my Naturopathica; (2) Take a trip to East Hampton asap to experience their spa, which includes an Apothecary Bar (the “destination for custom blended beauty products and remedies”) I can barely describe  how incredible that sounds to me… like heaven, especially if I could have the chance to get behind that bar!