How Healthy is Low-Fat Dairy?

We’re all familiar with the advice to avoid processed foods, but you don’t often see low-fat dairy products put in that category. Shouldn’t they be? I think we’re going to start to seeing more and more articles coming out about findings that low-fat dairy is not as healthy as we thought. For example, this thought-provoking article from DETAILS magazine – IS SKIM MILK MAKING YOU FAT?

For a long time now, I have opted for whole organic milk, but I recently discovered unhomogenized whole milk (it’s not raw milk because it’s pasteurized) and I’m really loving it. Wondering what unhomogenized means exactly? If left untouched, milk naturally separates, with all of the fat and cream floating to the top and naturally occurring non-fat milk remaining on the bottom. When milk is homogenized, it is processed so that it no longer separates. While the appearance of unhomogenized milk may not be as appealing, it is completely safe to drink and equally tasty. Some evidence has even shown it might be healthier. Personally, I’ve noticed that I no longer experience congestion after consuming the unhomogenized version. I also like the idea of drinking something that is closest to it’s original/natural form.



What’s your milk of choice? Has anyone else ever tried unhomogenized milk?