Clean Clothes & Beef Fat?

How could the 2 possibly relate? Well it turns out that most dryer sheets are made with animal fat, particularly beef fat! Kind of shocking, right? And in addition to the grossness factor, these animal fats can also dull the coloring of fabrics over time. Not cool.

So to avoid a faded, animal-fat-laden shirt or pillow case (that’s where it really hits home  for me) you can opt for plant derived softeners like the Squeaky Green Dryer Cloths ($5.49) by Method. They use water-based technology (yes, these sheets are actually on the moist side) to infuse the dryer cloths with renewable, plant-based softeners.  Result: Clothes are soft and static free minus the fat and heavy scents.

I would especially recommend this swap for anyone with sensitive skin. Also, if you haven’t already, opt for a detergent that is fragrance free or at the least, naturally scented. I’ve spoken to many people who can’t pinpoint the source of their skin ailments and these switches can often provide a lot of relief.  Easily irritated by strong odors? You’re another great candidate for making these switches. But of course, everyone can benefit from these more natural options!

A Better Antibacterial Cleaner

I recently tried this antibacterial kitchen cleaner by method and I’m definitely a fan. It naturally kills 99.9% of household germs including influenza A, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella enterica and E. coli. Yes, I did say “naturally”! I love that they used CleanWell’s herbal antibacterial formula (thyme oil & oregano oil) to power this cleaner (CleanWell has an entire line of naturally antibacterial products).

If you’re going to use antibacterial cleaning products this is one of the best and healthiest options on the market right now. Choose between two delightful scents – lemon verbena or orange zest – for just $3.99 or less. I opted for the lemon verbena (from Target), but I think I would like the orange zest scent even more.

Why make the switch to a natural antibacterial cleaner? Research is continually showing that antibacterial products can cause bacterial resistance, thus decreasing the effectiveness of antibiotics. The most common ingredient in antibacterial products is a chemical compound called triclosan, which has been proven to have some serious negative side effects on your health (see previous post for more info).