Odorless Nail Polish Remover

Trying to be more natural with all of your beauty products, but having trouble finding a replacement for that oh-so-toxic nail polish remover? There’s a much improved, more natural version of this commonly used beauty product. Honeybee Gardens makes an acetone-free and fragrance-free nail polish remover. This formula will remove Honeybee Gardens’ WaterColors Nail Enamal, but it will also definitely take off conventional polish with surprisingly little effort. This remover contains horsetail extract to make nails stronger, as well as vitamin E and aloe to moisturize cuticles. This remover is truly odorless and is literally a breath of fresh air if you’ve been using conventional remover up until this point!

Photo Credit: Honeybee Gardens

Honeybee Gardens also offers an alcohol-free hair spray, a wide array of natural cosmetics and cosmetic accessories, as well as body care products.