Fresh & Fruity Body Washes

With options like Red Raspberry, Green Apple & Ginger, Italian Red Grape, and Bulgarian Lavender, Desert Essence Organics Body Washes are the perfect springtime shower accessory! All of the varieties contain natural, botanical ingredients. They are not super moisturizing or oily (traits you would want in the winter months). Rather, they are nourishing yet refreshing and I just love the colorful, photographic packaging. Desert Essence also makes handwash in some of the same scents with the same bright style of packaging.

Photo Credit:, LLC

Beauty that’s ocean deep

I had my eye on Depth products for quite some time and I finally ended up trying the hand soap and body wash this week. I should not have waited so long! First of all, the scents are absolutely divine and reminiscent of a tropical oasis. With titles like Mangrove Citrus, Ocean Blossom, Bay Coconut, and Sea Berry, I’m sure you can imagine what I mean.  The aromas are 100% natural, the ingredients are 70% organic, and Depth never uses any artificial colors. The hand soaps and body washes are cleansing yet gentle and of course, the scents are incredible!

Depth was founded by a husband and wife who met in grad school while studying marine biology (too cute!). The couple continues its passion for the ocean through its products as well as its partnership with Camp SEA Lab, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization located in the Monterey Bay, California. Everything about Depth from its scents, to its quality, to its performance, to its marine appreciation make it a natural beauty company you must put on your next shopping list! I promise you won’t regret it.

Photo Credit: Depth Body
Photo Credit: Depth Body