Dolly and Mila originated in a tiny kitchen in NYC after the founders traveled through Central America and spent years studying Indigenous remedies, anthropology and holistic nutrition. The founders are best friends from childhood, but they’re names are actually not Dolly and Mila. The line was named after two special women who inspired them throughout their lives (so sweet!). Having always dreamed of starting a company with a best friend, I especially love the story and bond behind this fabulous line. And of course, I also love that everything  is 100% natural and wild-crafted using organic, free and fair trade ingredients.


So far, the Blossom Honey and Organic Coffee Intensive Facial Exfoliant is definitely my favorite from the line. Talk about a perfect morning beauty product! It truly perks you up inside and out. If you like natural products, you’ll just love how unprocessed and raw this scrub smells and feels. Its ingredient list is superbly clean and pure with not a single questionable ingredient.  It also doubles as a natural cellulite treatment – use it as a mask and scrub for any current or potential areas of concern. What a great bonus, right?!

Bye Bye Cellulite!

Well, maybe not entirely, but even a little bit of loss in this department is surely welcomed by all. The undesired dimpling of the skin known as cellulite is experienced by women of all ages, weights and body types (so try to take some solace in knowing most women have to deal with this super common occurrence). There are a ton of products and gimmicks out there that I wouldn’t waste my money on, but there’s one thing I would highly suggest trying — Before you throw out the grinds from your morning java, consider using them for a very wallet savvy yet effective cellulite treatment. Using coffee as a topical exfoliant has been known to help break up fatty deposits that may cause cellulite (exciting!). Plus, coffee is full of antioxidants so it’s great for your skin in general.

You simply want to rub the moist grinds on the trouble spots (this should be done over an old towel or anything else you don’t mind dirtying because you definitely do not want those grinds clogging up your drain). Then just shower/bathe after a minute or two of exfoliating. A little messy, but pretty simple.

You can also add some fresh, dry coffee grinds to your body lotion (about a teaspoon for a 12 ounce lotion) and apply daily to those trouble areas (best to do this one at night because it can be a bit messy). If you keep up with this natural treatment you’ll likely see some perkier, smoother skin just in time for summer!

Photo Credit: iStockphoto