B + V Etsy Shop Now Open!

So happy to announce that my Etsy shop is now officially open: ShopBranchandVine. This has been a goal of mine for a while so I’m really excited to have my products available to you for purchase!

More to come soon, but the three products below are currently ready for you to enjoy:

Ultra Healing All Purpose Balm ($7) ~ an all purpose balm that is ultra healing for the driest of skin and an array of other common skin ailments. It contains some of nature’s best healers including beeswax, olive oil, and coconut oil.

B+V Balm 1PURCHASE HERE: Branch + Vine Ultra Healing Balm

A Winter’s Eve Aromatherapy Room + Body Spray ($11) ~ all the best scents of winter combined: balsam fir needle, cinnamon leaf, and clove brightened by tangerine and orange. Friends and family have been obsessed with this uplifting blend.

B+V Room Spray 5PURCHASE HERE: Branch + Vine Aromatherapy Room + Body Spray

Branch + Vine Botanical Perfume Oils ($29) are handmade in small batches with the intention of creating fragrances that not only smell good, but encourage good health and a positive state of being. I have spent over two years testing, researching, and pouring a ton of thought and love into these botanical perfume oils. I wanted to create scents that do not have negative health effects (like synthetic scents), but actually have positive effects on your health and mood.  I hope you’ll smell good + feel good when you wear them :) The scent currently available for purchase (Saint Remy de Provence) is one of many to come!

B+V bpo 3PURCHASE HERE: Branch + Vine Botanical Perfume Oil

Reading Ingredient Labels

I was just looking at L’Occitane’s blog and read a very interesting fact: “The first three ingredients listed on the label generally represent about 90-98% of the product. Ingredients listed in the middle of the label usually present about 5 to 8% of the product and the last ones about 1 to 3%.”

So while all of a product’s ingredients are relevant (keep reading the entire label), those first three are the bulk of whatever you’re buying – good to know!

Here’s the full article: The Truth About Natural Beauty Products

Hello World!

I’m starting this blog so I can share my passion/borderline obsession with natural health and natural beauty.  I am someone who has lived, breathed, and loved natural food and natural beauty products since day one, when I was born at home. I’m not a nutritionist (yet), but I have taken numerous classes on nutrition, have worked in the nutrition/natural beauty industry, and I am constantly educating myself in the field. I’m not an extremist, but I do think that incorporating more natural choices into your life will lead to better health and more balance.

I’m always trying to find beauty, health, and household products and tips that are more natural, as well as affordable. I’ve started doing it so much and gathering so much information that I thought it was time that I shared!

(All of the info and tips I will be providing here will based on personal opinion, experience, research and/or reading. Whether I’m talking about a food or beauty product, I will make it a point not to include anything that has artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, EDTA, BHT, parabens, or any of the other “bad ingredients.” )

In regards to “NATURAL”…..There are several official and unofficial definitions to the word “NATURAL”, but to me and this blog it’s going to mean LESS PROCESSED, LESS or NO MAN-MADE INGREDIENTS, MORE EARTHLY INGREDIENTS, MORE SIMPLICITY and/or BEING CLOSER TO NATURE/NATURAL FORM.

I hope you enjoy…

AllNaturalAnnie by Nicole Bagnuola



BE A LOT (or a little bit) MORE NATURAL!!