Another Giveaway!

This week’s giveaway is sponsored by Alaska Glacial Mud Company, a truly unique company with some seriously stellar and therapeutic products featuring you guessed it — mineral-rich, glacial mud from Alaska!

The winner will have the pleasure of testing out the Glacial Facial Purifying Mineral Mud Masque in Vanilla Lavender (masque brush included) and the Exfoliating Mineral Soap Bar:

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You have until 6pm EST on Wednesday, December 29th to enter. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on December 30th. Good luck!!

Why Go Natural with Skin Care?

There are several common “bad ingredients” that give you good reason to go natural with your skin care. If you see one or more of these, I would definitely pass and look for a more natural choice!

Some of the offenders include:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – known to cause irritation of the skin and eyes. Also, there has been a possible linkage to skin tumors.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate – sounds so similar to the previous “bad guy” and is actually its cousin. This one is extremely prevalent in soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, and detergents. It’s what makes products get all foamy, which is nice, but toxic when Sodium Laureth Sulfate is the source of the bubbles. This ingredient has proven to be a skin irritant and a substance not enjoyed one bit by our trusty livers.

Petrochemicals –  this group includes names like benzoic acid, ethanol, ethylene, vinyl acetate, propylene, and toluene. Petrochemicals are chemical products derived from petroleum or other hydrocarbon origin. Petrochemicals are used to make things like petroleum jelly and mineral oil. They are seemingly harmless and simple, but their byproducts, like dioxin, are known to cause an array of serious health problems, including cancers and endocrine disruption.

Phthalates – you’ll see these in shampoos, lotions, and other things you are regularly coating yourself with, but be warned – in spite of their wide spread use their safety is highly debatable. Reproductive, endocrine and respiratory disorders have been associated with phthalates.  Yet, they continue to be used as solvents in perfumes, as well as stabilizers and lubricants in other body care products. Phthalates are used to make rigid plastics soft and pliable…rigid plastics soft and pliable?  Since I don’t think we would even somewhat equate our skin to plastic, I would strongly say that this is another one to avoid.  Phthalates, see you later,  I’ll leave you to soften my tupperware.

Parabens –  methylparaben, ethylparaben, and propylparaben – they all help to increase the shelf life of products, but is it worth it? The hormone-like effects of parabens disrupt the endocrine system, hence potentially leading to reproductive issues. Not nice, not desirable, put it back on the shelf!

You are wondering why such unhealthy ingredients like these would be used in so many beauty products? Simple answer: they are cheap, cheap, cheap!

NUDE Skincare

NUDE Skincare just has so, so much to offer! First of all, it’s 100% natural and  free of parabens, sulphates, phthalates, and mineral oil. Secondly, the whole line contains probiotics that deliver active proteins and amino acids directly into your skin. It’s just genuis — if probiotics are so good for us on the inside, it makes perfect sense that they would benefit our outermost layer!

Due to the fabulous gifting of a fabulous friend (thank you Jen!), I have had the best introduction to NUDE with a set that includes Cleansing Facial Oil, Moisturising Body Cream, Age Defence Moisturiser, Replenishing Night Oil, Miracle Mask, and Advanced Eye Complex. I have definitely seen a difference in my skin since I started using the line (exactly 1 month ago). My skin seems clearer, more balanced, and just happier (yes, skin can be happy too). I simply love every one of the products in the kit.  I especially adore the Moisturizing Body Cream, which has Hyaluronic Acid and the most divine floral scent, which NUDE says is hibiscus, but I was thinking jasmine..either way – LOVE it!!

This line has gotten such great press and has fans like Christy Turlington and Helena Christensen.  NUDE is truly THAT good. And it is a must-try for anyone looking for really effective natural, skincare. And some additional bonuses — the company never tests on animals and is carbon neutral. You just have to try it.

Photo Credit: NUDE Skincare