Product of the Week

This week’s pick is LATHER’s Clear Head Balancing Balm. If you frequently suffer from headaches or any other upper body tension then this balm is for you. Put a dab on the problem area to relax nerves with soothing menthol and a relaxing, uplifting blend of lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and mandarin oils.

But you really don’t have to be in pain to put this balm to good use — it’s also ideal for healing any areas of dry or irritated skin. At only $9, I suggest always keeping this multi-use balm on hand.


LATHER donates $1 from each sale to benefit the National Headache Foundation for headache awareness, education and outreach.

Ultra Relaxed Breathing

The next time you’re doing some deep breathing, you can relax even more if you do the following:

  • Place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, directly against the back of your upper teeth
  • Proceed to breathe in and out

Why is this more relaxing? The positioning of your tongue stimulates cross-lobe integration and relaxation in the brain.

Source: unknown

Give this a try and let me know if you notice the difference!

T – 60 to Calm

Need to calm down asap? Try this: Stare up at the ceiling and slowly count down from 60.

Why does this work? Looking up stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which brings blood pressure down and slows your breathing. The counting aspect also helps to get your mind off of whatever is stressing you out.

Don’t delay relaxation. This only takes 60 seconds! If you’re stressed right now, do something immediately (like this for example) to let it go…


Love Lavender?

If you’re a big fan of lavender then you will love this Lavender Aromatherapy Stick by Aura Cacia.  It is made with 100% pure lavender essential oil so it smells just like the real stuff.  I’ve been using it as my everyday perfume lately and I’m really loving it.

Some pluses (aside from the wonderful scent itself) — it’s under $10, it’s easy to carry with you, it promotes relaxation, and it never gives me headaches (like many conventional perfumes). The stick also comes in Tea Tree (great for bug bites & blemishes), Eucalyptus (helps with cold symptoms) and Peppermint (excellent for headache relief).


Hope everyone has a great start to the week!



Cared for Feet

I love this tip from House of Steep

Cared for feet will carry you far:
Soaking the feet in warm salt water draws out toxins that build up in your feet.  These toxins are present not only because of gravity, but also because every nerve that touches every organ and passes through the body ends in the feet.  7,200 nerves per foot, to be precise.  Add reflexology, herbs and aromatic essential oils and the result will heal not only the overused feet, but also the total mind and body.

If you’re looking for a good foot soak, you can try one of these from the House of Steep line: Herb Soak Salts (made by me!)

Photo Credit: House of Steep

Time for a Soak

I am a huge fan of baths (I almost take them on a daily basis!) If you’re not normally a fan, I’m sure you might quickly become one in any of the tubs pictured here. Aren’t they amazing?! But don’t wait for an extravagant tub because baths are SO incredibly relaxing and beneficial to your entire body no matter what the tub looks like! I love to add Epsom salt and lavender oil to my baths, but plain old warm water is all it takes for a calming and detoxifying soak.

Master Bathroom contemporary bathroom


Do you take baths?

Bring the Spa to Your Shower

Want a spa-like experience, but can’t even find time to make yourself a nice, hot bath? Well there’s another option! Try these shower infusers by bath by bettijo for some instant aromatherapy. Simply add one of these little wafers to your next hot shower and you’ll instantly have the scent of sweet peppermint infusing the air and melting your stress away.

Now you really don’t have any excuse not to treat yourself! I just love how it makes a shower that much more therapeutic and fun! This peppermint variety is especially great for when you’re having sinus issues or are just plain old tired.

How to: (1) Wet a tablet, (2) place it on the shower floor (*out of the direct water stream*) and (3) let the at-home spa time begin!


Quote of the Day

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” -Confucius

{we heart it}

At times, I definitely catch these words being applicable to myself and others. This quote is a reminder to always keep things simple because there’s nothing to gain by making things unnecessarily complicated!

Here’s a challenge: What are 3 ways you could simplify your life starting today?

Reminder: Take a Deep Breath

For so many of us, the daily stresses of life can lead us to take shorter, shallower breaths. Ironically yet not surprisingly, this kind of breathing only compounds stress in the body, by depriving the cells of oxygen and by not fully exhaling toxins from the lungs.  As few as three deep focused breaths can be extremely calming to your entire body and your mind. So next time you get stressed out, check your breathing – you’ll almost always find it’s shallow and that is the time to stop and take a deep breath.  Please don’t put it off  and remember “Rejoice in the things that are present; all else is beyond thee.” {Montaigne}

{via we heart it}