Poppy’s Naturally Clean

I wanted to let everyone know about another great eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning option for the home – Poppy’s Naturally Clean. I especially like the All Purpose Spray Cleaner, which of course contains only natural ingredients and is 100% toxin free. It’s perfect for countertops, appliances and pretty much all of those other commonly cleaned surfaces (minus marble and granite).

It’s important to go natural with your cleaning routine so you can not only feel good about the appearance of your home, but more importantly, your own health! Have you done any major spring cleaning lately?


Eco Clean

Looking for some more non-toxic cleaning options? Well here is another brand “made in the greenest place on Earth” aka Scandinavia. Eco Clean is a cleaning line made from pure, local Danish ingredients available at quite a reasonable price ($4.49). Another bonus: Eco Clean’s products feature a special foaming option nozzle that minimizes the exposure of vapors, making it particularly useful for people with allergies.  Also, since Eco Clean is made of plant and sugar based surfactants, no toxic fumes are released upon contact with water – great for anyone with lungs! ;)

The full line includes:

  • Eco Clean Dish Soap – Apple and Thyme
  • Eco Clean Kitchen Cleaner – Orange and Rosemary
  • Eco Clean All Purpose Cleaner – Spicy Lavender (currently in my cabinet)
  • Eco Clean Bath Cleaner – Lavender and Mint
  • Eco Clean Toilet Cleaner – Cool Mint
  • Eco Clean Glass Cleaner – White Tea and Sage
  • Eco Clean Hand Wash – Grapefruit/Lemon, Lavender and Wild Fruits (the Lavender is currently in my bathroom)

Eco Clean products are sold at Alice.com and Duane Reade