FYI – Fish Oil Supplements

I know that many people take fish oil supplements these days so I thought you would all appreciate these 2 simple guidelines:

  1. Fish oil supplements should actually NOT smell fishy.
  2. After taking fish oil supplements, you ideally should NOT experience burping reminiscent of said oil.

**Also, make sure you are storing your supplements properly and taking them on a full stomach!

Some brands I would recommend:

Personally, I opt for this liquid Cod Liver Oil by Nordic Naturals because I would rather not deal with a capsule plus some say the supplement is better absorbed in liquid form. I will not kid anyone that it’s enjoyable, but at least it comes in orange, lemon, strawberry, or peach and it is definitely not fishy!

Some important info from Dr. Weil about Omega 3s — including deficiency, food sources, how and who should supplement and who should not supplement here: Fish Oil & Omega-3