Tea Time

While we were in San Fran, we fell in love with SAMOVAR, a tranquil tea lounge in the beautiful Yerba Buena Gardens. For our week’s stay, we made it a late afternoon/early evening ritual to go to the lounge to try out a different pot of tea each time. It was just so relaxing and fun… And delicious (all of their teas are of the highest quality — organic, fair trade and loose-leaf).

It was also pretty eye-opening and gave us a greater appreciation for tea. It’s amazing to discover how many varieties exist, the possibilities of complexity, and the know-how for making a truly perfect cup.

Photo Credit: Ingrid Taylar

(That’s SAMOVAR right above the waterfall)


This is the Wuyi Dark Roast Oolong Tea

Flavor Profile: Deep and complex…with a rich body, a roasted aroma, and sweet finish of raisin sugar, honeysuckle, and roasted barley. Warm and earthy notes of bittersweet chocolate and peat moss. Expertly dark roasted, this Wuyi has very little floral notes. If you are a coffee lover, this tea will woo you. {via}

The fact that this tea can be described so extensively just goes to show how drinking tea can really become a hobby and an ongoing education. Are you a fan of tea? Have you ever been to a tea lounge?