More Good to Know House Plant Info!

Aside from my bamboo, I currently have one other house plant and that would be my very large peace lily. Peace lilies are another easy to keep bunch, but my care hasn’t been optimal the past few months so I guess even the easy plants can show their lack of proper care.

The main problem is that leaves have been turning brown on the tips and edges. I did some research and it looks like there are several possible causes:

  • Too much water – keeping the soil constantly wet –> Solution: allow the soil to dry and try to water just before the leaves start to wilt (I try to do this and when I do, it’s so cool how quickly the leaves noticeably spring back to life )
  • Hard water or softened water –  excess minerals can cause brown leaf edges and tips –> Solution: switch to distilled or filtered water.
  • Too much fertilizer – also adds an excess of minerals to soil –> Solution: fertilize only when the plant is looking hearty and dilute the fertilizer with H2O to about half its strength or less.

I read that you can trim off the brown tips and edges so I did just that this weekend. I have to say that I did a good cutting job because you really can’t tell and now I can determine if I have eliminated the cause! I’ll keep you posted.

Not the greatest picture, but it’s definitely looking much better…

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Something to help you stop killing those nice plants!

For novice gardeners and/or hard-to-grow plants, here’s a really useful tool I came across: EASYBLOOM. This sensor will actually tell you if something you are growing needs more water or light (how cool is that!).  Between the sensor itself and the EasyBloom website, you can figure out key information like where a plant would grow best in your yard or  diagnose a plant’s ailment so you can try to bring it back to life! This is definitely a perfect gift for anyone who likes plants and/or gardening.

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