My Mother’s Day Gift

Hopefully, my mom won’t read this before she gets her mother’s day gift! I decided to give her the Nude Skincare gift set that I was given for my birthday this year. I just can’t say enough how much I love every item in this set, which includes: Cleansing Facial Oil 30ml, Hydrating Water 30ml, Age Defence Moisturiser 5ml, Replenishing Night Oil 5ml, Miracle Mask 5ml and Advanced Eye Complex 5ml. I see such a difference in my skin when I use Nude products so I’m really hoping she loves it as much as I do! Since I finished my set a couple months ago, I just had to get myself a little gift as well.. I decided to get the Moisturising Body Cream. In case you didn’t read my earlier post, this cream smells heavenly and produces such a smooth complexion with key ingredients like cupuacu and hyaluronic acid.  And like the rest of the line, this cream has prebiotics and probiotics. I’m so excited to have it back in my natural beauty arsenal and I’m even more excited for my mom to try the line!

Photo Credit: Nude Skincare

Yogurt 101

Some of the basics & benefits of yogurt:

  • If you want to avoid high sugar content just go with plain! Even the plain varieties naturally have 12 g of sugar. The sweetened have up to 35 g!
  • Greek yogurt, which is much thicker, can contain up to twice the protein of a non-Greek brand, but it has less calcium.
  • Yogurt contains probiotics, which is healthy bacteria. Probiotics are linked with a healthy digestive system and a stronger immune systems.
  • Do not drain out that top watery layer! That liquid is pure protein (specifically whey protein).
  • Some of my favorite additions to plain yogurt: a drizzle of honey (a prebiotic which encourages the activity of probiotics), walnuts, fresh berries, sliced banana, and wheat germ.
  • Since yogurt has probiotics, a lot of people that are lactose intolerant do not have issues with consuming it!
Photo Credit: Stonyfield Farm

 Here are some coupons & discounts from one of my favorite brands: Stonyfield Farm