Wine & Cheese, the Perfect Pair

Wine and cheese are a common and delicious combination, but in addition to taste, there is another reason to pair these two. To avoid the typical staining of your teeth that occurs when consuming red wine, have some cheese before you start sipping. This way the calcium from the cheese creates a film over your teeth and protects them from the staining of red wine (and the acid found in all wines). Good to know, right?

Photo Credit: Alena Hrbkova

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend!

Redtree Petite Sirah

I’m a huge fan of red wine, but I haven’t been that excited about one in a while…That was until this week when we picked out this Petite Sirah from Redtree. We found it at our local grocery store (Harris Teeter) for $7.99!

We enjoyed it with our dinner and by itself (always love a wine that is great on its own). It’s medium-bodied and very fruit forward (think strawberries & blackberries) with a smooth finish – just so perfect and delicious, especially for the price!

If you’ve had it before or try it out, I would love to hear what you think!


Pinot Noir in your glass And your bath!

The next time you have some red wine you aren’t so crazy about or you let it sit around just a little too long, well here is your solution: put it in your bath! Not only will it make your bath seem more luxurious, it will also help soften your skin. About a glass (or 3/4 cup – 1 cup) of any red wine added to bath water should do the trick. The resveratrol in red wine is known for making skin firmer and improving elasticity. So if you’re pouring yourself a nice glass of red wine before you take a bath, don’t forget to pour some in the tub!