Neti Pot – Not a Daily Recommendation?

I’ve been meaning to share this article about how moderate use of a neti pot can have positive affects on health while overuse appears to have negative results: Neti Pot Once a Day Can Cause Infections

“I don’t have anything against short-term nasal saline irrigation — even aggressive nasal saline irrigation for three, four days or one week is totally fine,” Nsouli said. “But when we are doing it on a daily basis, we are modifying the immunological biochemistry of the nose.”

Interesting, right? I think it makes sense.

On a fun note, I love this video of the first time Regis Philbin tried using a neti pot:

I really only use a neti pot when I have a cold/nasal issues. What about you?

**Never use tap water in a neti pot – there is a risk for amoebas (deadly ones) to be present in tap water!