Organic Essence

I recently tried Organic Essence for the first time. Their products are USDA certified organic and have some very unique biodegradable packaging. I now have 2 of their shea butter creams and as you can see from the picture, each one has this biodegradable “eco jar” as they call it.

The Pure Organic Shea Cream is the most pure and best quality shea butter product I have tried so far. I almost didn’t want to dig my finger into the jar – it was just SO pristine. The cold pressed oil is from the african karite nut and is considered to be a superior healer. It also promotes circulation, another reason why it’s so great for eczema. I still have one stubborn spot on my hand that gets eczema every so often – this spot is very temperamental and just because a product is natural doesn’t mean it will agree with sensitive skin. I’m happy to say that this one does, and it has proven to be excellent for my sensitive skin!

I also have the Organic Vanilla Orange Shea Cream – the perfect choice for stressed out consumers in need of some relaxation (or anyone who enjoys this scent). The vanilla is comforting while the orange is uplifting – a perfect combo! It really reminds me so much of creamsicles. I like to put it on my feet with some comfy socks before bed. If you’re not a creamsicle fan then there’s also Grapefruit, Lavender, and Lemongrass Mint (an excellent choice for people with varicose veins).

Photo Credit: Organic Essence

A Fun & Innovative Lip Balm

I never really stopped to think about how companies could get more creative with their packaging and presentation of lip balm. I’ve always gone for sticks over pots because I apply chapstick extremely often and I know that realistically my fingers cannot be pristine all of the time. Now eos (evolutions of smooth) has created the perfect middle man – Organic Lip Balm Smooth Spheres. I love the shape of the container because the lip balm goes on so easily and smoothly. The sphere also has a noticeably soft feeling (the result of a unique recyclable packaging). The balms are also, most importantly, all natural and USDA certified organic. The key moisturizers include shea butter, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E.

I am currently using and loving the honeysuckle honeydew (other flavors include pomegranate raspberry, sweet mint, summer fruit and vanilla bean). I also really like the Organic Lip Balm Sticks, but if I had to choose I would definitely go with the sphere! At $3.29, these moisturizers are quite affordable and easy to find (retailers include:,, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Duane Reade).

Photo Credit: eos Products

Not just a candle!

Sacred Glo handcrafts candles that are natural and eco-friendly, plus they double as massage oil and body lotion! The candles come in really warm and exotic scents, like Almond Glo and Nevis Island Breeze. The main ingredients in the Sacred Glo candles include soybean oil, shea butter, and natural fragrance oil. The candles burn clean (they don’t release harmful toxins) and leave you with a warm oil/lotion when you blow them out. I think they seem particularly at home in the bathroom and make a fun addition to any home spa routine.

Of course, be careful as you would with any other candle and do not attempt to obtain oil/lotion from the candle while it is burning (obviously!).

Photo Credit: Sacred Glo™
Photo Credit: Sacred Glo™



One With Nature

I tried a One with Nature bar soap for the first time last night and my only disappointment is that I didn’t start using this soap sooner. I really think it has the creamiest lather I’ve ever experienced! Since One With Nature makes their bars twice the size of most glycerin soaps, you can enjoy this all natural 100% vegetable-based soap even longer than usual! With scent selections like Orange Blossom or Lemon Verbena and ingredients like shea butter, dead sea salt, and vitamin E, these chunky bars of shower goodness are perfectly refreshing and therapeutic for the summer months (as well as year-round).


An added bonus to using this soap is knowing that One With Nature is currently partnering with Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME)– a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the preservation of the Dead Sea. One With Nature donates a portion of their profits to FoEME to help fund research and awareness of  the Dead Sea. I also enjoy the fact that One With Nature never tests fragrances, colors and ingredients on animals.


One With Nature Bar Soaps retail for $3.79 (a great deal for the size and quality)! The soaps can be found in over 1,500 natural foods, specialty and grocery stores nationwide or at

Photo Credit: One With Nature
Photo Credit: One With Nature