Reminders for Your Next Massage

Some great advice from Healing Lifestlyes & Spas for the next time you get a massage:

  1. Be punctual. You don’t want to stress yourself out right before or feel rushed through your massage.  (Personally, I love to get there early to drink tea and read some good mags… get in chilled out mode)
  2. Communicate with your therapist before the massage begins. Tell them the amount of pressure you prefer, specific areas of tension along with any other desires/concerns.
  3. Don’t talk during the massage, unless it’s about the massage itself.
  4. Be present. Try to breathe deeply into the area that is being worked on.
  5. Turn off your cell phone. The last thing you want is ringing/vibrating in the middle of a rare hour of complete relaxation.
  6. Don’t rush off the table. Take your time when the massage is done and try to keep that relaxed state continuing throughout the rest of your day (makes it worth even more than whatever you paid)
  7. Drink plenty of H2O for the next 24 hours. Hydration helps the lymphatic system flush out wastes and mitigates soreness from the deep tissue work you just experienced.

adapted from {full article}

Hopefully many of you are taking advantage of Spa Week (starts today) and can put these tips to good use very soon!