In the Future New Years…

Happy New Year again to everyone! I have to admit that I am having a pretty hard time getting back into my daily blogging routine after all of this time off…Anyone else feeling that way?

A recent and unexpected trip to the puppy store (pic below) while we were in New York last week has sparked a random post for today…A LIST OF FUTURE PETS!

(theeee sweetest golden retriever puppy..Wish I could have taken her home!)


A lop-eared rabbit…

(this one looks JUST like the one I had as a kid!) {via}

A black lab…

(my old pup, Ashley)

A Bernese Mountain Dog…


Some ducks…


Dylan recently decided he would like a sheep…


And last, but not least, my life-long dream of having a horse…


Well of course, having this full list will definitely require a good sized house and a decent amount of land so hopefully we will one day find the perfect place for all of these animals to call home with us! I guess this kind of sounds like we want a farm?! ha! :) We currently don’t have any pets. How many pets do you have?

Also, fun fact: Research has shown that pets can also help reduce stress and blood pressure in owners, increase longevity in those who’ve had heart attacks, and even relax and improve the appetites of Alzheimer’s patients. {full article}


1 Minute Stress Relievers

Stress flushes the body with cortisol and adrenaline, too much of which can raise blood pressure hence negatively affecting your cardiovascular and digestive systems. Sometimes it takes a while to feel really stressed out, but hopefully with these tips you can cool down much quicker than you heated up.

Here are some quick tips to keep stress away:

Take a few slow, deep cleansing breaths. Sit up straight, but not rigidly. Imagine slowly blowing your abdomen up like a balloon, moving the breath into your solar plexus, then up into your shoulders. Breathe out, consciously moving the air back out in the opposite order.


Particularly your muscles. Scan your body from the top of your head to each of your toes to monitor tension. Thinking specifically about each one leads it to relax. So say to yourself,  “head relax”, “shoulders relax”… until you do every part of your body.

Any old stretch will do. I’m sure you have some old standbys. Just get yourself loosened up whether you’re at your desk, around the house or in the car stuck in traffic. Less muscle tension = a more relaxed you!

Shut off that incessant chatter in your brain by focusing intently on anything: a picture, a cloud, a candle.. Now, don’t think.  Not easy I know, but if any thoughts drift into your mind just try to gently let them float by. This can really help clear your mind.

Being Grateful

I just came across this article on gratitude and wanted to pass it on…

Hope you enjoy and have a great week!

Though there is no magic spell to keep stress, troubles, and the bumps of life from happening, there is evidence that bolstering feelings of gratitude can change the way you experience those events. By helping you navigate life’s storms with greater ease, more general happiness, and a brighter sense of optimism, giving thanks can become something to be thankful for. {full article}