B + V Etsy Shop Now Open!

So happy to announce that my Etsy shop is now officially open: ShopBranchandVine. This has been a goal of mine for a while so I’m really excited to have my products available to you for purchase!

More to come soon, but the three products below are currently ready for you to enjoy:

Ultra Healing All Purpose Balm ($7) ~ an all purpose balm that is ultra healing for the driest of skin and an array of other common skin ailments. It contains some of nature’s best healers including beeswax, olive oil, and coconut oil.

B+V Balm 1PURCHASE HERE: Branch + Vine Ultra Healing Balm

A Winter’s Eve Aromatherapy Room + Body Spray ($11) ~ all the best scents of winter combined: balsam fir needle, cinnamon leaf, and clove brightened by tangerine and orange. Friends and family have been obsessed with this uplifting blend.

B+V Room Spray 5PURCHASE HERE: Branch + Vine Aromatherapy Room + Body Spray

Branch + Vine Botanical Perfume Oils ($29) are handmade in small batches with the intention of creating fragrances that not only smell good, but encourage good health and a positive state of being. I have spent over two years testing, researching, and pouring a ton of thought and love into these botanical perfume oils. I wanted to create scents that do not have negative health effects (like synthetic scents), but actually have positive effects on your health and mood.  I hope you’ll smell good + feel good when you wear them :) The scent currently available for purchase (Saint Remy de Provence) is one of many to come!

B+V bpo 3PURCHASE HERE: Branch + Vine Botanical Perfume Oil

Mother’s Day Gift Inspiration

Here are some gift ideas that I love for those very important women in your life whether it’s your mom, your sister, your wife, or a mom-like person. Hope this guide helps lead you to the perfect gift :)

Mother’s Day is May 13th this year – just a little over 2 weeks away!

Pacifica’s Gold Collection Soy Candle Gift Set – Bestsellers $45.00 (a $54.00 value)

9 clean-burning 3-oz Soy Candles in Pacifica’s most popular blends including Mediterranean Fig, Tuscan Blood Orange, Hawaiian Ruby Guava, Mexican Cocoa, Lotus Garden, Malibu Lemon Blossom, Tahitian Gardenia, California Star Jasmine and French Lilac.

House of Steep’s Large Indulgence Gift Basket $75

The basket includes:

  • House of Steep Signature Tea Blend – 4oz
  • Tea Infuser
  • “Balanced” Aromatherapy Soy Candle
  • “Balanced” Take(me)Away tea bath bags (3)
  • “Balanced” Smoothing Foot Balm
  • “Balanced & Carefree” Bath Salts
  • Cleansing Calm Foot Spray  (I make this one for the line!)
  • 16″ galvanized tub to soak the feet at home

Gaiam’s Massage Stick $14.98

Targets pressure points, increases circulation and alleviates sore muscles. Includes a downloadable massage guide to ease away stress and restore the health of tired and sore muscles throughout the body.

Bonsai Forest from Uncommon Goods (a really great source for unique gifts) $50

This kit includes everything she needs to grow tiny trees that are actually ancestors of the giant California redwood! Kit includes: tree and moss seed, recycled steel seedling training pots, seed starting wafers, growing medium, bonsai scissors, rake with spade, river stone, and directions

Here are some additional gift ideas from Uncommon Goods: top gifts for gardeners here, cool gardening gifts here, unique office accessories here

Sibu Beauty Mom’s Must Haves Kit $55 (a $82.50 value)

Trio includes:

  • Sibu Beauty Balancing Facial Cleanser
  • Sibu Beauty Hydrating Serum
  • Sibu Beauty Clarifying Toner
  • plus a FREE box of Sibu Omega-7 Chocolate Truffles in each kit

Happy shopping! ~Annie

Free Shipping at House of Steep!

A quick FYI – House of Steep is offering free shipping on all orders placed before February 10 and a 20% discount on “Lovely” soy candles and tea soak bags.

Every House of Steep product is designed with relaxation in mind including their Cleansing Calm Foot Spray and Herb Soak Salts (below) made by Branch & Vine, my new line! If you try anything out, I would love to hear what you think.

Photo Credit: House of Steep

Stretch It Out

In today’s world, the majority of us are spending a great deal of time on the computer. As effortless as typing and clicking can seem, it’s shocking the range of physical pains and strains that can result from being on your computer.  To start this week off right, I thought it would be nice to share some stretches that are all extremely simple to do, but if practiced regularly can have major rewards.

HOW TO: Point Your Fingers (good for hands, wrist & forearms)

  1. Stretch your left hand out in front of you, pointing fingers toward the floor.
  2. Use your right hand to increase the stretch, pushing your fingers down and toward the body. Be gentle.
  3. Do the same with the other hand.
  4. Now stretch your left hand out straight in front, wrist bent, with fingers pointing skyward. Use your right hand to increase the stretch, pulling the fingers back toward your body.
  5. Do the same on the other side.

11 more desk stretches here: WebMD.com

In general, make it a point to take regular breaks from your computer every hour throughout the day. Take a quick walk, get a cup of tea or whatever you like! Just make sure it’s something enjoyable and entirely detached from technology so that you can give your body a true physical and mental break.

Hope everyone has a great start to their week!

An Optimal Foot Massage

The next time you’re giving or hopefully receiving a foot massage, it’s great to keep this reflexology chart in mind to make the massage even more therapeutic. I’m a huge fan of acupressure. If done correctly, you can find relief from such a wide range of ailments including hormonal imbalances, breathing disorders, back aches, circulatory problems and so much more! Make it even better: soak your feet  in warm water right before the massage.


Little Moon Essentials

Little Moon Essentials is by far one of my absolute favorite natural body care lines. Why haven’t I mentioned them by now? Honestly, I love so many of their products I just did not know where to start! Every single product from this line is just outrageously awesome and fun (interesting choice of adjectives I know, but you’ll see why). Let me start with a few examples…

Let’s start with their LIFT-OFF LOTION, which basically smells like a lemon ice covered in fresh mint leaves — a truly uplifting blend that has an energizing yet cooling effect on your skin. For that reason, this scent is particularly great for the daytime. It also works miraculously as an after-sun treatment! Keep it in the fridge to heighten its cooling and soothing effects. This is so perfect for summer.

You will never get more excited to take a bath than when you are about to immerse yourself in a tub of warm water infused with one of these bath salts. I have tried several of Little Moon’s bath salts and it’s hard to pick, but I think RE-LEASE might be my favorite. RE-LEASE is (not shockingly) relaxing, as well as elevating and purifying. It’s not just an emotional feeling of release – this mixture is physically detoxifying hence increasing ciruclation and the release of toxins. You’ll feel like a new gal (or guy) after 20 minutes of this highly restorative bath session. (This picture doesn’t have the bright sun and  heavenly sky for nothing)

This little tin below consistently has a home on my nightstand and always helps me doze off more peacefully with a few sniffs. I like to dab a little of the balm on my wrists, but you can also put it on your temples or neck. Like the bath salts, there is a whole array of balms including ACHING HEAD RUB, VITAL VAPOR (think an all natural vapo rub) and ASSANA KISSER (think an all natural tiger balm). At $2.50 per tin, I strongly recommend keeping all varieties on hand – you’ll have something for every ailment!

To me, this is one line that truly feels holistic. Once you experience the products then you’ll see what I mean. And once you try them, you won’t be surprised to know that the founder is a woman who exudes such an incredible joy for a life and shows the most genuine care for everyone she encounters.  I really appreciate a line that has such heart, making the use of every single one of its products a life-enhancing experience. Not to get too mushy, but really, I just love them!

Photos Courtesy of Little Moon Essentials