Sunny Weather Beverage

It’s the perfect time of year to start making Sun Tea, which is basically any kind of tea you brew using the power of the sun. As long as you have water, tea bags and sunshine you can make yourself some delicious tea.¬† Yesterday, I decided to make a mix of green and black tea with some fresh mint (pic below).

How to:

  1. Fill a large glass container with some good quality water (cool or room temperature)
  2. Add teabags (about 3-4 bags per half-gallon of H20)
  3. Add a few slices of lemon/lime or a few sprigs of mint (optional)
  4. Cover the container and place it in a location that gets full sunlight (this spot can be indoors or outdoors)
  5. Let the tea brew for at least 3 hours
  6. Refrigerate or pour over ice to drink immediately
  7. Enjoy!

{taken with instagram}