Vitamin/Hormone D, the Sun & Your Health

I was about to put together a post about smart sun exposure and the importance of Vitamin D, but GOOP (Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog) beat me to it and it’s by far, one of the best, most informative articles I have seen on the topic.

Favorite/Key Take Aways from “Vitamin D Defiency” by Dr. Frank Lipman:

  • Although called a vitamin, it is not. Vitamin D is in a class by itself, behaving more like a hormone
  • Studies show that as many as three out of four Americans suffer from Vitamin D deficiency
  • Bodies use sunlight to help the skin produce the Vitamin D it needs to build bones, quell inflammation, bolster the immune system and protect against cancer (including skin cancer)
  • Boost your “internal sunscreen” by consuming anti-oxidants and beneficial fats
  • Although irresponsible sunbathing is unquestionably harmful and precautions need to be taken, regular, moderate, unprotected sun exposure is essential for good health
  • Western medicine has made a practice of telling us to abstain from things that are bad for us in extreme quantities, when in fact those same things⎯fat, salt, and sunshine for example⎯are very good for us when consumed wisely and in moderation

Stay tuned for a post on natural/mineral sunscreen recommendations!