True Beauty Sleep

Want a pretty easy tip for decreasing wrinkles? Try sleeping on your back. I know, if you’re like me, sleeping on your stomach is sooooo comfortable. Unfortunately, this seemingly harmless preference technically speeds up the aging process – yikes! But how do you stop yourself ? (Reminder: you are asleep when you’re doing this) There actually is a remedy if you’re concerned and want some assistance. It’s appropriately called the Vanity Pillow. I have to warn you that it’s not cheap ($145), but it’s a whole lot less expensive than botox!


7 Hot Ingredients

You’ve probably been seeing these 7 being featured more and more in natural skincare lines lately. Here’s a quick summary of their uses/benefits.

Oak Extract – known to reduce wrinkles and increase skin’s elasticity

Argan Oil – makes hair smooth & shiny

Green Tea – contains powerful antioxidants to reduce fine lines, reduce puffiness and increase brightness

Vitamin C – required for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body. Also essential to the formation of collagen.

Super fruits (like goji, acai & pomegranate) – packed with antioxidants that have the ability to counteract skin’s age damage caused by free radicals

Resveratrol – aids collagen production

Mulberry Extract – acts as a skin brightener and helps to control age spots

A Natural Lift from Aubrey Organics

Lumessence Lift by Aubrey Organics combines CoQ10, algae extract, and oat protein to help tighten skin, form new collagen, and fight visual signs of aging! It has a light, plant-like scent and a really great consistency that is easily absorbed by the skin. I could see improvements in the luminosity of my skin immediately. I would highly suggest this product to anyone looking for a more affordable, yet natural anti-aging cream that can be used day or night.

Wrinkles? Stop worrying…

No Worries face cream for sensitive skin by Garden Girl Skin Care has no scent, a great consistency, and is quickly, well-absorbed by the skin. With aloe, jojoba oil and hylauronic acid, this cream richly moisturizes skin to fight lines and wrinkles without clogging or irritating your complexion. Once you have purchased your first jar of cream, you can order an eco-friendly refill (which has minimal packaging) so you can refill your original jar yourself! 

Photo Credit: Garden Girl Skin Care
Photo Credit: Garden Girl Skin Care